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Gardens- The Gift of Fathers to Sons

IMGP0854 - vege garden
IMGP0854 – vege garden (Photo credit: RaeAllen)
Rusty tools
Rusty tools (Photo credit: szb7

English: garden Hoe - hand tool
English: garden Hoe – hand tool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weeding on a grand scale I’ll never complain  aboutweeding again. Wikipedia)

I’ve just noticed the time….the cookoo clock is heading toward lunch time, and I’ve just finished up with the odds and ends around the house.  WhiteFox is still out in his garden, weeding the asparagus beds, and has been since before 10 o’clock this morning.  It’s quite a long, tedious job as well as tiring to your back and legs. WhiteFox seems to thrive on doing this, and won’t give up until it’s finished, what ever time that will be. He’s very much his father’s Son when it comes to Gardening. He’s been instilled with great habits for gardening and  working outdoors. His Dad had gardens each year because of the size of the family!  A family of 8 ate at the supper table each evening, so it was very important to grow just about everything.  Sometimes when I look out at him in the garden, I can actually see his Father bending down weeding and hoeing!  These habits of clearing the land, plowing as well as hoeing have been passed down from Father to Son, as well as the winter planning! In the middle of winter, you’ll  find him seated at the Kitchen table, paper and pencil in hand sketching out the garden, and planning what goes where. This not only helps him plan out what he’ll need in the spring, but it helps pass the time during those long winter days that seem so endless!  Spring has finally arrived and it came in like a bull.  Rain, rain, and more rain….somehow it just didn’t want to do anything else.  As all things happen for a reason, the rains did too.  June has turned its beautiful head and looked us in the eyes, and told us all,” put in your plants and  gently water them for you will have bounty!”. The White Fox did just that and so far things are looking just as he had planned this past Winter in our kitchen. So we all should plant and water and fertilize as well as hoe around our lovely little babies that are now growing in our gardens….Please, do take care of them all!       Your, Sammyjay