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Autumn on the Lane

English: Llyn Caer Euni Home of Canadian Geese...

Goose V formation
Goose V formation (Photo credit: Michel★Bakkenes)

I heard the muffled honking  of our Canadian geese from over the small hill way out back. But then it seemed as though the noise and the volume seemed to increase as they got closer to the house.  I looked out my kitchen door just in time to gaze upon the flock as they flew over our house in the classic V formation.  I’m not sure they’ll hang out at the pond that’s located just a quarter mile or so from our place. Last year they stayed most all winter, because our Winter was mild. We’ll have to wait and see.    I’m noticing that the weather is changing, temperatures in the mornings are quite cool and we’ve had our very first freeze!   It was 26* outside the other morning , so we decided to have oatmeal for breakfast……it’s been since last spring since we’ve eaten Hot cereal.  I’m noticing how we’re dressing up warmer in good old sweatshirts and jeans now that our mornings are cold.  I have a suspicion that our Autumn will hurry on by us , and winter will rear it’s head earlier this season trying to make up for last year. It’s quite bright and sunny this morning, sort of cheers ya up while you do the morning chores.  White Fox is still busy with the last of the jobs he does when he loses up for the winter…. He’s gathered up the corn stalks and made our traditional bunch to put around the light post along with the pumpkins. Our garden lays barren, looking forward to the deep winter sleep to come… Seems as though he’s always busy out side doing this or that, and he ‘s always said ” I can always find something out there that’s got to be finished.”  Now’s the time for stocking up on your root vegetables  for the winter.  Stocking up with your potatoes, onions, carrots  making sure there will be plenty for all of the lovely warm stews, roasts of chicken and beef. Oh, let’s not forget all of those grand apples, pears and cranberries that we can bake into glorious pies and cakes.  Gosh, I’m making myself hungry!  Well, I’m going to try making some of the traditional pies and pastry White Fox’s mother made when he was young…. Wish me luck, as I might need some.    WELCOME AUTUMN!


Mowers once again!?!?

anyone need a rider mower?
anyone need a rider mower? (Photo credit: contemplative imaging)


English: Reel lawn mower
English: Reel lawn mower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again my dears, the mowers are humming outside my window. I sort of expected it, ’cause yesterday and today turned out sunny and warm.  It’s been sometime since that has occurred, and we all are hoping that this will be the beginning of a stretch of weather that may”help”our gardens.  As I said before, rain is needed but too much will lead soggy mess. We don’t want this to happen, now do we?   Cutting the grass can be a pain, but is expected… Just think of how nice your yard will look afterwards!  It doesn’t take so very long as it used to when we walked behind our old, clunky walk behind type. Sitting there in the seat of your Rider Mower, tends to give you a different slant on mowing the yard, doesn’t it? Ha Ha!  We silver haired folks, really do remember the days of Pushing a mower over humps, bumps and a lawn that seemed to be endless. That, my dears, was a Job!        I’ll write later !       4:15pm….. Hi there I’m back….I put on the air conditioner for a bit, as started getting humid…. My age or something makes me notice  when the temps go up. Who was it that said “The golden years”?  I’d lIke to throttle the guy!  haha.  The White Fox is out in the garage cooling off. He says the floor of concrete aides in cooling yourself off.   I’ve noticed that very thing when I’m in the garage getting into the car. Perhaps there is something to it?  He’s finished up in the yard and has come back inside to cool off……(it did get very warm out there)   I personally like the idea of air conditioning, as I have a physical disability and find humidity and warmer temperatures almost too difficult to handle.  God bless them there air conditioners. Can’t blame me, can you?   Much can be said for hiring out and having someone else mow the green blades!  My neighbor has someone come to her house to ” mowa de lawn” each week like clockwork , and for her the lawn situation is a “no strain no pain”….  But the “Fox”prefers to do the acres himself, and there’s nothing wrong with that!!  “Keeps ya young, and full of vim and vigor”.      Happy mowing y’all….    Me

Another day of the wet stuff?

English: A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomat...
English: A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomato, showing the diversity of size among tomato varieties. Français : Diversité des tailles chez la tomate: une tomate cerise à coté d’une tomate cœur de bœuf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Berries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You guessed it…… Rain!  I almost choke on those words!  At times I think we’ll all float away, so I try not to think about that too much…I know how to swim, however, “how long can ya tread water?  Right?  There are times that I  forget just how bad things can be without the “stuff”. No fresh veggies or fruits, such as Asparagus or Strawberries……um. We just had our first strawberry shortcake last night and it was great!  Some how the berry season is weird this year.  I think we’ve had too much of that Wet Stuff!  It can rot the berries as well as the veggie seeds we’ve put in the ground.  White Fox planted some tomato varieties late last week, and  ever sense  then we have prayed (a lot)!  Seems to me it was like this last season, too wasn’t it?   I  sort of feel trapped inside the house,  when it’s foul out there.  I write in my blog, or read on my good old Kindle to pass the time….doing the house work is ok, but that doesn’t do the trick for me.  TV watching can be a bore most times, except for my favorite show, “General “Hospital”  I’ve been watching it since I was in my late teens, early twenties.  Somehow even when you don’t watch for a while, you can pick up where you left off  fairly easily.  My Mom watched long ago, so  I guess I picked up where she left off!  It’s proven to be somewhat enjoyable to do, rather than sulking or napping.  My days seem to slow down bit by  3PM, so I make a cup of tea on my Keurig Coffee maker, then wander into the den, turn on that Big Flat Screen  and settle down  for an hour or so…  Soon the approach of supper time creeps into my mind,  so  up I go to my kitchen to whip up our wonder-filled  supper of ??? Depends on my mood and what I took out freezer earlier earlier in the day!   Good luck!!    That’s about it….The day winds down and we settle in for the evening, then it’s off to bed…. The end of another day by the Woods and Pastures….   Good night to all…

A Bright and Happy Mother’s Day…

'Fall Time', Vermont, Danville Area, Barnet Ce...
‘Fall Time’, Vermont, Danville Area, Barnet Center Road, Countryside, Farm (Photo credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com))
Cover of "Mother"
Cover of Mother

Today is just a perfect day to celebrate….
To all of you Mothers, out beyond my Woods; Celebrate your special day with all your loved ones, and smile because they remembered you. Some of us aren’t as fortunate to have children that want to remember their mothers. I am one of those… They are now grown, have families, live lives of their own, so that’s their priority now, I guess!
My Mother passed on in 1996, and I miss her every day. She was a great Lady, who had an Irish disposition, and could tell a tale like any good fair Irish gal. Her husband of 60 years, spotted her across the room in the kitchen of his brother-laws’ home up in Northern Vermont, when they were very young. He mentioned her to his brother- in- law and brother, saying “I’m going to marry her!” Well, they all laughed him right out of the room!  But surprise, surprise, a few years later he  did just that!  He said to us, “it was her Irish disposition that got me, Hook, Line, and sinker!!”
It turned out just great, ’cause they had four children, and we were able to honor her, on many Mothers Day celebrations for the next 60 years. So “God bless the mothers out beyond my Woods, and have many, many Happy Days to come!”
Enjoy your Mom’s Day. XX OO XX
Sammyjay-bird (just like my Dad called me)