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Sounds of mowers

English: A reel lawn mower, adapted from an il...

English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Fin...
English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Finnish garden. Suomi: John Deere -merkkinen ajoleikkuri puutarhassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sounds of lawn mowers filled the air this morning…quite typical for June. I can remember those days long ago, when we walked behind the good old push kind… It seemed to take forever to cut the grass, so we girls were happy when our Dad gave the job to our brother Dave.  He was the oldest of our four children, thusley the job went to him! We girls would sit on the back steps, and watch him as he went back and forth. I think Dave actually hated the idea that we girls, all three of us got away with not having to mow the grass? And as I think back on it,  I can’t really  blame him.   My Fox says he’s real tired of doing the lawn, as it’s over an acre , and even doing the trimming with the push mower sort of tires him.  He doesn’t mind the Rider ’cause he sits for the main  part of the cutting.  Right at the moment, he’s sitting out the rain showers in the garage.  It’s dry in there so he can putt around or just sit in his chair looking down the driveway towards our wonderful woods. Off  to the right of the woods, there is a very large field that is hayed every summer.  The traffic is light on our road, and this is just great as far as we are concerned.  It can be very quiet at times making us feel we’re way out in the boondocks somewhere and I kind of like that!  White fox and I have worked most all of our lives, and we began doing this around the ages of 10-12 yrs old. We worked in agriculture.. Planting onions and various vegetable plants by the acre  and tobacco.  Very tiring to say the least.  But we didn’t mind ’cause we were young and foolish.  Now it’s a different matter.  Ya can’t argue with Mother Nature…she has plenty to say about such things!  The mowers are quiet now and have been for a bit,  showers can slow you down ya know!  Everybody down the road finished up their lawns just around the same time as My Fox.  Lunch is over, time to begin finishing up the chores and things.  After 3 pm  everything seems to slow down just a bit… The Fox finished the yard work, and I finished up here in the house…NOW I have to begin to settle in on the big decision of Supper, what to have for a variety , not the same old, same old…Ya know?   So I’ll say bye for now.    ME