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Autumn Has Passed…

August full moon
August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

It’s Mid November!  How the heck did that happen?  Last I knew it was just the beginning of August!  Time seems to be flying by, and it seems to be happening more often the older I get.  I could hardly wait for the cooler temperatures of late October and November. This past summer seems to be exactly like a few years ago. “H.H.H”  Hazy, hot and humid!  What and why, is beyond me.  We’d been  very dry, and the gardens and lawns reflected it.  Keep your fingers crossed  so we will received the water we so desperately need, even now .     I’ve been watching and looking around the lawn and near the woods for the little, subtle changes that are starting ….a sure sign of things  to come. It’s quite interesting how the lowest plants ( we call them weeds) began to turn first. Lovely mustard yellows began showing, then some russet and reds on the shrubs in and around the edges of our land.  Oh, I so enjoy the subtle changes that happened.  The inevetable changes toward Fall then Winter.. Before we can blink, it will be the Holidays… Wonderful smells, foods family gatherings ,I can hardly wait!         As always,  “The Keeper”


Mowers once again!?!?

anyone need a rider mower?
anyone need a rider mower? (Photo credit: contemplative imaging)


English: Reel lawn mower
English: Reel lawn mower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again my dears, the mowers are humming outside my window. I sort of expected it, ’cause yesterday and today turned out sunny and warm.  It’s been sometime since that has occurred, and we all are hoping that this will be the beginning of a stretch of weather that may”help”our gardens.  As I said before, rain is needed but too much will lead soggy mess. We don’t want this to happen, now do we?   Cutting the grass can be a pain, but is expected… Just think of how nice your yard will look afterwards!  It doesn’t take so very long as it used to when we walked behind our old, clunky walk behind type. Sitting there in the seat of your Rider Mower, tends to give you a different slant on mowing the yard, doesn’t it? Ha Ha!  We silver haired folks, really do remember the days of Pushing a mower over humps, bumps and a lawn that seemed to be endless. That, my dears, was a Job!        I’ll write later !       4:15pm….. Hi there I’m back….I put on the air conditioner for a bit, as started getting humid…. My age or something makes me notice  when the temps go up. Who was it that said “The golden years”?  I’d lIke to throttle the guy!  haha.  The White Fox is out in the garage cooling off. He says the floor of concrete aides in cooling yourself off.   I’ve noticed that very thing when I’m in the garage getting into the car. Perhaps there is something to it?  He’s finished up in the yard and has come back inside to cool off……(it did get very warm out there)   I personally like the idea of air conditioning, as I have a physical disability and find humidity and warmer temperatures almost too difficult to handle.  God bless them there air conditioners. Can’t blame me, can you?   Much can be said for hiring out and having someone else mow the green blades!  My neighbor has someone come to her house to ” mowa de lawn” each week like clockwork , and for her the lawn situation is a “no strain no pain”….  But the “Fox”prefers to do the acres himself, and there’s nothing wrong with that!!  “Keeps ya young, and full of vim and vigor”.      Happy mowing y’all….    Me