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Letting my Hair grow, Finally!

English: "Having his hair cut" - Emm...
English: “Having his hair cut” – Emma hears that Frank Churchill goes all the way to London to have his hair cut and is surprised. Austen, Jane. Emma. London: George Allen, 1898. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking in the mirror one morning, I sighed, and proceeded to comb out my really short hair.  I’d done this so many times that I’ve lost count!  “Holy cow” I thought, when’s the last time you’re hair was longer than 2 inches!    I couldn’t remember!   I stood there for quite sometime and then it dawned on me,” why not let it grow out”!   What an epiphany that was!!  I have lost quite a bit of weight recently, but with the same olde hair cut, well let me tell ya, I looked Yucky!  I know, I know, your image is just a product of your mind, but if that’s true, then why did I feel so yucky when I saw myself?  I was time for a change!  I realized it would have to grow through a tough period,  but if you keep it trimmed once in a while you’d be amazed just how fast it’ll fill in and lengthen.  It’s now been nearly six months, and I am amazed!  My hair actually has my old curls and waves, the ones I had as a teenager!  Wow!   I’m not a young beauty any more, however, even we “more mature  ladies,” can make some real changes….. It makes for a much happier Señora!