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Autumn Has Passed…

August full moon
August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

It’s Mid November!  How the heck did that happen?  Last I knew it was just the beginning of August!  Time seems to be flying by, and it seems to be happening more often the older I get.  I could hardly wait for the cooler temperatures of late October and November. This past summer seems to be exactly like a few years ago. “H.H.H”  Hazy, hot and humid!  What and why, is beyond me.  We’d been  very dry, and the gardens and lawns reflected it.  Keep your fingers crossed  so we will received the water we so desperately need, even now .     I’ve been watching and looking around the lawn and near the woods for the little, subtle changes that are starting ….a sure sign of things  to come. It’s quite interesting how the lowest plants ( we call them weeds) began to turn first. Lovely mustard yellows began showing, then some russet and reds on the shrubs in and around the edges of our land.  Oh, I so enjoy the subtle changes that happened.  The inevetable changes toward Fall then Winter.. Before we can blink, it will be the Holidays… Wonderful smells, foods family gatherings ,I can hardly wait!         As always,  “The Keeper”


Autumn on the Lane

English: Llyn Caer Euni Home of Canadian Geese...

Goose V formation
Goose V formation (Photo credit: Michel★Bakkenes)

I heard the muffled honking  of our Canadian geese from over the small hill way out back. But then it seemed as though the noise and the volume seemed to increase as they got closer to the house.  I looked out my kitchen door just in time to gaze upon the flock as they flew over our house in the classic V formation.  I’m not sure they’ll hang out at the pond that’s located just a quarter mile or so from our place. Last year they stayed most all winter, because our Winter was mild. We’ll have to wait and see.    I’m noticing that the weather is changing, temperatures in the mornings are quite cool and we’ve had our very first freeze!   It was 26* outside the other morning , so we decided to have oatmeal for breakfast……it’s been since last spring since we’ve eaten Hot cereal.  I’m noticing how we’re dressing up warmer in good old sweatshirts and jeans now that our mornings are cold.  I have a suspicion that our Autumn will hurry on by us , and winter will rear it’s head earlier this season trying to make up for last year. It’s quite bright and sunny this morning, sort of cheers ya up while you do the morning chores.  White Fox is still busy with the last of the jobs he does when he loses up for the winter…. He’s gathered up the corn stalks and made our traditional bunch to put around the light post along with the pumpkins. Our garden lays barren, looking forward to the deep winter sleep to come… Seems as though he’s always busy out side doing this or that, and he ‘s always said ” I can always find something out there that’s got to be finished.”  Now’s the time for stocking up on your root vegetables  for the winter.  Stocking up with your potatoes, onions, carrots  making sure there will be plenty for all of the lovely warm stews, roasts of chicken and beef. Oh, let’s not forget all of those grand apples, pears and cranberries that we can bake into glorious pies and cakes.  Gosh, I’m making myself hungry!  Well, I’m going to try making some of the traditional pies and pastry White Fox’s mother made when he was young…. Wish me luck, as I might need some.    WELCOME AUTUMN!