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Letting my Hair grow, Finally!

English: "Having his hair cut" - Emm...
English: “Having his hair cut” – Emma hears that Frank Churchill goes all the way to London to have his hair cut and is surprised. Austen, Jane. Emma. London: George Allen, 1898. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking in the mirror one morning, I sighed, and proceeded to comb out my really short hair.  I’d done this so many times that I’ve lost count!  “Holy cow” I thought, when’s the last time you’re hair was longer than 2 inches!    I couldn’t remember!   I stood there for quite sometime and then it dawned on me,” why not let it grow out”!   What an epiphany that was!!  I have lost quite a bit of weight recently, but with the same olde hair cut, well let me tell ya, I looked Yucky!  I know, I know, your image is just a product of your mind, but if that’s true, then why did I feel so yucky when I saw myself?  I was time for a change!  I realized it would have to grow through a tough period,  but if you keep it trimmed once in a while you’d be amazed just how fast it’ll fill in and lengthen.  It’s now been nearly six months, and I am amazed!  My hair actually has my old curls and waves, the ones I had as a teenager!  Wow!   I’m not a young beauty any more, however, even we “more mature  ladies,” can make some real changes….. It makes for a much happier Señora!


English: Picnic tables, Oldbury Woods

My day has been a quiet one so far.  White Fox is out in the garden, doing “garden stuff,  and seems to be quite content in doing so. This feeling of absolute quiet brings about a sense of peace and makes me think of my family and friends long gone.  At my age, some of my best friends have left me behind, and have gone somewhere else, hopefully sweet and delightful….. Perhaps their loved ones were there to welcome them?  I  believe this happens. Pleasant to think about, isn’t it?   Today is the type of day for cutting the grass,  planning a picnic, reading your favorite magazine or book and so much more…It’s just up to your imagination!  When we were younger there wasn’t too much that stood in the way of doing just exactly what we wanted to do , now there’s lots of things that may do just that!!  There’s an old saying that goes,” You’re not getting older, You’re getting better”!  Okay, just go ahead and prove it!!  Seem’s to me that this “saying” is a bit screwed up to anyone who is over 60yrs of age!   I’ve noticed that even mowing the lawn takes MUCH MUCH longer and that I’m really bushed when I’m finished!  Am I right  or wrong?   We all love planning a picnic, right?  However, it’s not in the planning nor the picnic that gets ya,  it’s the cleanup, and the backache you’ll end up getting.   I never ever use to think that way before, but now I do….history has proven me right.  My sisters will agree with me, as we’re all over 65 now and we know what we’re talking about.  All our neices and our nephew are heading for the “big 50” and we  can hardly wait to hear from their mouths, about just “how tired they’re getting,” after doing stuff.  Hee Hee.   I will make you a promise though,  I ‘ll  not laugh nor will I chuckle when I hear them whispering to each other,  “about their being so pooped out.”  I will smile,  show them sympathy, (cause I told them so).    Somehow  being the other side of “60” does have its pluses now doesn’t it?  Ha Ha!    Everyone out there has my Love and Blessings,   Sammyjay bird…..