March is Here!

My good lord, and another year has come and gone but this particular passage was a painful one I’m still struggling to get caught up on things as the past year was spent in sort of vacume. I became quite ill after having Roto cuff surgery on my right shoulder in early July 2015… After the surgery which was done at Bay State, I left to have some “rehab”at a local nursing home that turned out to be nothing but nightmare on Elm Street fifty . I’m not entirely sure why they began to add to my medicine list, but they did and without my permission!  By the time all was said and done,  they had increased them to the grand total of 17 ! Three of them were so called vitamins, and the rest were for ?????everything from who knows what  including ADHD as well as multiple tranquilizers.  I’m of the opinion that this practice is normal and  the staff  gives them to all the residents to keep them quiet so they won’t make a fuss about things. After a month or so, I had a TIA, a mild stroke, then later the good old kidneys gave me a fright.  Talk about nightmare on Elm Street!  It certainly was…….The months began to add up,  July, August, September,October passed by slowly,  but when November showed its head, I’d pretty well had enough of it……..Medicine was given to me and little (pt) physical therapy was not!  I began doing my own PT without letting any one know,  and I started getting stronger with each passing day……Learning to walk again is not for the faint of heart. It was painful in the beginning but with each day the pain begin to diminish. .( thank goodness) now remember I’d  been doing these excersises on my own.  When the holiday’s began to arrive, I’d pretty well had my fill of “Pills” that screwed up my thinking processes, my ability to do the most meaningful things for my self and not being there for my Husband……Soooo I said thats it! Enough! I’m going to go home!  I brought the subject up with some of the staff, but was it was met with all sorts of reasons why I should not go home!!! -Now remember, I’d gone to that facility for Re-hab. and received little of  that!  I’m very proud of what I’d accomplished so for, so I told them that ” I’m going to go home for  Christmas, and that’s that!”  To my surprise,  a nurse at that facility, realized the struggle  I’d been having, so she helped me with my delema and furnished me with the info on my meds, and showed me the process of how to get out of the place!!   December 8 was my personal day of infamy. Dec.7th was the original one.  So, here we are folks, not quite 3 months later……walking on my own, doing most of those things that people do without thinking much about it, and most of all,  I’m Home where I fought hard to get to!  Thank you God..









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