End of June Heat!

White Fox Smiling
White Fox Smiling (Photo credit: mtsn)
English: This is a picture that I took of a si...
English: This is a picture that I took of a sign outside of a pizza shop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is going to be a real scorcher!  This is one of the few times the weather people are actually agreeing with each other….what the what?  Yes, I said agreed!  There are very, very few times during one’s lifetime that our Weather People actually agree on anything! I can hardly believe it myself… I had planned to go out to have my hair done at “Ye Olde Beauty Shoppe”, and I prayed that I wouldn’t melt when I went outside to get into my car!  Thank goodness there’s things like air conditioning in cars! Without that I certainly would have sweltered when I got inside.  The trip home wasn’t too bad, but I certainly was glad to get into my house where things weren’t awfully hot.  White Fox had just finished up raking the piles of weeds he’d pulled  yesterday from the asparagus beds, so we decided to have a light lunch.  The day seems endless.   But wait! The end of this day isn’t that far off,  and once the sun is down. it’ll be one heck of a lot better off.  Hey, I just had a brain storm!  Why not order out?  PIZZA!  Good Lord when’s the last pizza we had?  Much too long, as I’m the lady who prepares supper around here. Good plan!  Pizza!!! I’m not sure “White Fox” is going to like it, but ya have to try something to see if ya do like it,  right.?   I’ ll write again and let you know what happends.    See you soon!


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