Strand Theater
Strand Theater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cowboys and Indians (album)
Cowboys and Indians (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day is done, the sun is starting to set over the west edge of the property…The wind that blew for most of the day has finally stopped…Our supper of steak ‘n’ onions has been devoured and we’re sitting here in the den relaxing,’cause the day was a long one for some strange reason; the sort of day that lingered on and on  no matter what you did.  It was a beautiful, sunny day filled with the noises of summer, the birds, insects, the wind in the trees, and the voices of children in the distance. It reminded me  of years and years ago when summer made it’s wondrous entrance…back then the idea of “summer vacation”stirred the mind with all the things we neighborhood kids could do for entertainment!  Cowboys and Indians, comes to mind as well as sandlot baseball, hide n’ go seek, and the Saturday Matinees at the Strand Theater….all for 9 cents!!  Sometimes as I think back to those times,  I do remember that it was hard to scrape up that much money!  I know, I know, what’s the difficulty in getting ahold of a few penny’s, espically when you got to see several cartoons, 2 cereals that continued  the following weekend, and the regular movie ?  Well I’ll tell ya what, it was very hard. When you did chores around the house, you might earn 5 or 10 cents, then you had to figure out where you’d get a few more cents  for some candy. But we all managed to do it somehow!  All of the kids in our neighborhood walked together down to the Strand Theater off of Park Square.  We’d line up to pay our 9cents and then entered the darken theater, found some seats,as the place was quickly filling up with other kids from the town and school.  Magically the lights lowered and ……”Presto” the  power of the cinema began….. Images  flashed upon the gigantic screen, and a hush came over the roudy kids…..Ah, the great and wonderful Saturday Matinee had begun!   It seems like that happened only a short time ago, but alas, it’s more like 60 yrs !  Whew, it’s hard to for my mind to wrap around that…      I wonder if there are Saturday Afternoon Matinees’ anymore, and if there are, perhaps I’ll  join in with the kids and line up to pay( ? )  goodness  knows how much??     Be well and do enjoy your Matinees….  I will.           


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