Another day of the wet stuff?

English: A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomat...
English: A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomato, showing the diversity of size among tomato varieties. Français : Diversité des tailles chez la tomate: une tomate cerise à coté d’une tomate cœur de bœuf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Berries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You guessed it…… Rain!  I almost choke on those words!  At times I think we’ll all float away, so I try not to think about that too much…I know how to swim, however, “how long can ya tread water?  Right?  There are times that I  forget just how bad things can be without the “stuff”. No fresh veggies or fruits, such as Asparagus or Strawberries……um. We just had our first strawberry shortcake last night and it was great!  Some how the berry season is weird this year.  I think we’ve had too much of that Wet Stuff!  It can rot the berries as well as the veggie seeds we’ve put in the ground.  White Fox planted some tomato varieties late last week, and  ever sense  then we have prayed (a lot)!  Seems to me it was like this last season, too wasn’t it?   I  sort of feel trapped inside the house,  when it’s foul out there.  I write in my blog, or read on my good old Kindle to pass the time….doing the house work is ok, but that doesn’t do the trick for me.  TV watching can be a bore most times, except for my favorite show, “General “Hospital”  I’ve been watching it since I was in my late teens, early twenties.  Somehow even when you don’t watch for a while, you can pick up where you left off  fairly easily.  My Mom watched long ago, so  I guess I picked up where she left off!  It’s proven to be somewhat enjoyable to do, rather than sulking or napping.  My days seem to slow down bit by  3PM, so I make a cup of tea on my Keurig Coffee maker, then wander into the den, turn on that Big Flat Screen  and settle down  for an hour or so…  Soon the approach of supper time creeps into my mind,  so  up I go to my kitchen to whip up our wonder-filled  supper of ??? Depends on my mood and what I took out freezer earlier earlier in the day!   Good luck!!    That’s about it….The day winds down and we settle in for the evening, then it’s off to bed…. The end of another day by the Woods and Pastures….   Good night to all…


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