Wet outside all the time?

It Will Rain
It Will Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rain, rain, rain that’s all it’s done today….I suppose we need rain, but that’s all it’s been doing for the past month or so!  We really need some sun to balance things out!  I’m afraid we’re all going to loose our Gardens that we dutifully planted, the beans, tomatoes, corn, the lettuces! And never mind that, what about our aching backs? We all have had those during the past weeks, haven’t we?  “White fox” is a bit discouraged, and I can’t blame him one bit. He’s 81 and says it’s bothering his back too!  So, just say a prayer that this lousy weather changes for the better, and the SUN comes back into our lives.  Love… From the woods and pastures!!       Me


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