Saturday laundry and all that stuff!

English: Laundry is hung to dry above an Itali...
English: Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Laundry (Photo credit: Bilal Kamoon)

Saturday’s were always Laundry and Dusting day when I was young. It was almost a ritual in my home on Yale Street #14. There were jobs for the girls (3) and I guess we did what we were supposed to do, but not without some groaning. It seemed to us that the dusting took  forever, as well as remaking our beds with clean sheets ” the correct way?” We never realized just how much help we were giving our Mother, not until we were Mom’s ourselves.  I still do things the way I was taught by her and I am so very glad I do.  As it turns out, everything she taught us to do saves tons of time!!  Why am I so surprised?  Moms are very sharp, excellent time saving individuals.  It’s been proven to me, so many times that I haven’t got enough fingers and toes to count on!   Now, our children are doing this stuff  just like we did.  Humm? Wonder why?       All the dirty clothes, get taken care of with our great automatic washers. But then, the labor starts….. we take all the damp clothes and put them in the dryer, or hang them outside to dry. Then comes the blasted folding… Then putting all the stuff away….well, that’s a chore unto itself. All in all, that’s a terrific start to the famous Saturday Morning Ritual! But what about the dreaded vacuuming and dusting?  Who’s going to do that.???  I say ” not me!  not me !   But Guess What ?  There’s no one else but me!  Is there some sort of conspiracy going on?  I think there has to be, and it’s been going on forever,  it includes each and every mother and child on the planet!  HELP!  HELP!                                                                                   Times change,  people change,  habits change, and family rituals may change……but not the Saturday morning bed making and cleaning of the home…that will never ever change.  Amen!   


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