Memorial Day Commemoration 2008
Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

English: fresh potato salad

I just finished reading my niece’s blog on “My Magnificent Mess”,  and as always it is terrific!  She’s not only my sister Carol’s oldest child, but as it  turns out, she is very much like a daughter to me.  We’ve been quite close since she was born, (a cosmic connection?). She is the fine young lady that introduced me to blogging!  Thanks DJ.                  My memories of Memorial Days gone by, are filled with family, picnics, Parades in Westfield, espically the one I marched in, and the fun we all had. When I was young, and that was long, long ago in the previous Century, we didn’t go away, as people do now.  Then,  families hung out around home,  kids played in the back yard  and  Mom’s & Dads got the great food cooking!  The smells were  so darn  wonderful as  I  remember…..everything from Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, to Mom’s Potato salad! umm!  She always baked brownies, a Pie of some sort and the ever famous fruit jello.  My Dad was the chief cook,  as he always was each year, grilled up the “Wimpies” as we called the burgers as well  as the “Puppies….As always, everything was just great!   Dave, Carol, Jeannie and myself were stuffed to the gills…and of course Mom and Dad ! Memories of that time sit in my mind like sweet nectar… and can never ever leave.  That’s the way I want it, too.  Memories rise, like the smoke of the fire we used to cook the fare on. We ‘d  roast marshmallows,  trying not to burn the heck out of our mouths…but sometimes we’d do just that.   Cold soda was the “cure” and we all loved the cure.  It seems as though the days back then, were much longer than now. Perhaps it’s a prespective we all inherently  gain as we grow older, as it seems everyone I know says the same thing.   So this day isn’t just like any other day….. Lots of my old friends from Westfield High  class of  1961, gave their lives for this wonderful land of ours. I know this because I recently celebrated my  50th reunion ……Without them.   So here’s to Memorial Days come and gone, and To all the Good People that went with them!   Be at Peace my friends, be at peace……..          Sammyjay  Bird


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