Warm Days and Weekends

Portable Air Conditioner - Front
Portable Air Conditioner – Front (Photo credit: bobafred)
june garden lookback
june garden lookback (Photo credit: knitting iris)

Is it just me, or is it a very warm day? Or not?  Well, I know I’m not having a DREADED Hot Flash,  as I left those terrible days way back in the previous century.   Sort of feels like late June or early July.  I’m waiting for the  weather Lady to tell us all that “the  HEAT IS ON!”  Just what we all want, right?   We finished breakfast about 9:30 and WhiteFox went out to finish mowing the front acres, before it got hot!  It seemed as if he was back inside pretty quickly…..” Boy it’s getting hot out there”. “I bet it’s almost 90* he said….. We sat in the Den trying to cool off a bit.  I’m  thinking, we’ll have to start using our air conditioners soon!  How about today?  Yea!!  Good idea woman!                                                                         I’m going to try and have a supper that’s not too complicated this evening…..” Good olde Puppies with  all the fixin’s.” Simple but sweet.      We  wives and mothers, run out of ideas after a while,  ya know!  It’s quite a effort having to create a  sumpteous meal  each and every day of the week!  The mind gets sort of soft and sponge* by the end of a long work week,  so trying to be creative is next to impossible?  Just feel lucky and bless by the heavens above, that there’s  hot food on the kitchen table this evening….also say thanks to that tired looking woman  for all the good  grub!     How’s about, “Thanks Mom!”    Hee,hee,hee.

                           Bye for now,  Me


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