Out comes the Rototiller!

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White Fox Smiling
White Fox Smiling (Photo credit: mtsn)

When I opened the shades this morning, it looked grey, almost as if it were going to rain at any moment. I wasn’t too surprised, as my hands had been causing me undo pain all weekend. It had been sunny outside, so I couldn’t figure what was up. Surprise, surprise, the local weather person is saying there will be showers each day!!! No wonder I felt awful. With breakfast out of the way, the White Fox announced ” I’m going out to Till the garden!”. “That’s wonderful”, I said. (Thanking the Good Lord under my breath) So, out the door he went, into the garage to start the Good Olde Tiller. It turned over like a champ. He let it run for a few minutes, then walked it slowly out and around the garage to the garden….I could hear the tiller going putt, putt, putt, going back and forth, back and forth out in the back acres. Everything is quiet now, perhaps “White Fox” has finished up the job and is calling it a day? Since our garden is so large, it takes extra time to do the kind of job that White Fox likes to do. He’s always been sort of fussy about things like that. Our garden consists of three growing areas. There are two beds on each side of a much larger area, that is used as the main growing bed! They are both filled with beautiful juicy strawberries, as well as the vibrant green of asparagus! The bigger area in the middle is kept for the vegetables that we enjoy…green string beans, yellow wax beans, onions, some radishes, Swiss-chard, two varieties of Classic tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, head lettuces and cucumbers, (two types). I use the cukes for a dish called “Day Old Pickles”, a real favorite of my Fox. I was given the recipe by an old woman who lived down the road, pretty close to where the Fox was born and lived for nearly 60 years. My dear old friend had been a friend of the family forever… She shared lots of things with me, during the years I lived there. There seemed to be an endless supply of recipes for home baked bread, and some other types of food from Poland, and Germany, that was out of this world. I’m so glad that I had the chance to live in the very home the White Fox was born in! We both felt sad when we finally left the old homestead. The house is now gone, disappearing into the mists of time. I really miss the old place with its gardens and all. I still remember all the wonderful times we spent there, together…. Well the day is finished, supper will be ready in a little bit, as soon as I go and fix it, right? So I’ll close for now because he must be hungry! XXOOXX Me