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asparagus patch
asparagus patch (Photo credit: Muffet)
Angel 013
Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

What a warm day this has turned out to be! I’d not planned on the heat returning quite so soon, but what the heck do I know, right? My husband, who I shall refer to as an” Earth’s Angel” ’cause they are the ones that tend to Mother earth on a daily basis… They are the ones we all depend on for our food sources…and life it’s self.
My Earth’s Angel has a name: My White Fox, as his hair is pure white, without any signs of the colour black, as it once was. He’s the guy who always says, “No water, No Garden!”. He’s right you know. Even now at the age of 80+ he still goes out in the back acres, to tend to his “business”!
Each year he’ll say to me, “I’m going to cut down on the size of this place”. It measures 150’x 100′! Sort of small, right? Haha. I tried for many years, to have him not make the garden so darn Big! He’ll tell me OK! But it always ends up humongous and filled with more vegetables that I could ever use in a life time! After a time, even our next door neighbours begin to refuse our generosity… A person can only eat so many of the delicious wonders that grow out there beyond the house and flowers. The Asparagus beds aren’t doing very well this year…lot’s of people we’ve run into, are saying the same thing about their beds, too. Must have been the snowless Winter, as well as the very weird Spring that followed? We all concur, that is the reason. My loving White fox, said,” The Garden will be smaller this year, lots smaller”!
White Fox has always been an Outdoor person, has always had a “Big Garden” and never said anything that sounded like defeat. This year he said it for the very first time, since I’ve known him.It really surprised me.
I suppose this was going to happen some day, but not now. Time is flying on by me, and I’m not sure where it’s gone?  If anyone knows where it went, please let us all know?  We’ll be waiting!
Sammyjay Bird. XX OO XX