Family, Food, and a Good Time !

Donna Jean and the Tricksters (album)
Donna Jean and the Tricksters (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Susan Elizabeth
Susan Elizabeth (Photo credit: sharon_k)


My niece Donna Jean called me the other day and I told her how impressed I was with the photography in her blog. She chuckled, saying the camera she used was the camera in her cell phone! Surprise, surprise, so I asked what type she used normally? She described it, and I thought, perhaps it’s time for a newer one. I had a Fugifilm camera, with a SD card etc. so why not give it to her.She could use a really good one. So I offered it to her and she accepted. I did tell her to come on up anytime to get it… Later, on I received a quick message asking if she could stop in after work on Friday? Sure thing, I said and told her to stay for pot luck supper…OK? Her reply was YES!
I ended up having a pretty good fare, Vadilia burgers, fresh carrots and asparagus (from the garden) and a nice desert of croissants from France. They were filled with some delicious chocolate filling, so by the end of the impromptu supper, everyone was full and pushing themselves from the supper table! It was a nice supper for us…
Donna Jean and her sister Susan Elizabeth and I have special ties that bind us. It all began the night Donna Jean was born, way back when! I actually thought I was having labor pains, and they actually were getting quite strong, too. But when it all stopped, Donna Jean had been born, and I had gotten my (you guessed it). I was not very regular in those days.  Hee Hee!
We’ve been through thick and thin over these many years, and I feel as though she’s very much my daughter, and I know I always will! Perhaps she feels something similar, too. She and her sister Susan Elizabeth have always been very Special to me. And I know they Know I Love Them, and always will!
XXOOXX. My love to all of my children, and to great
Meals together Soon!


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