Today I Can See!

Glasses (Photo credit: ozgurmulazimoglu)
Florence Eye Center
Florence Eye Center (Photo credit: bbasden31)

I arrived at the Eye Centre around 9:50 am and White Fox dropped me off in front of the building. Inside the gentleman who does the fitting of the glasses, was waiting for me, as I must have been the very first patient this morning. He gathered up the new glasses and began fitting and adjusting them to my head.. What a difference they made! I could see everything around me and was very glad I finally could!
I think it’s going to take some getting use to and some patience because they are no-line bi-focal glasses. The frames are thin, with a lovely coppery colour….I think they’re GREAT!!! I wonder if the rest of the family will agree? My ever loving hubby seems to think they look great on me! Perhaps he wants to keep the peace?? Ha ha ha.
Well, the evening is beginning to soften the skies outside. There seems to be a feeling of rain in our future by the look of it. The weather forecasters have stated emphatically “There’s rain a-commin so be prepared.” So dig out the old umbrella and put on your rubber boots!
‘Cause  you’re going to need ’em!
Keep Dry my friends and I’ll be in touch again real soon!
XXOO Sammy BlueJay


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