A Bright and Happy Mother’s Day…

'Fall Time', Vermont, Danville Area, Barnet Ce...
‘Fall Time’, Vermont, Danville Area, Barnet Center Road, Countryside, Farm (Photo credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com))
Cover of "Mother"
Cover of Mother

Today is just a perfect day to celebrate….
To all of you Mothers, out beyond my Woods; Celebrate your special day with all your loved ones, and smile because they remembered you. Some of us aren’t as fortunate to have children that want to remember their mothers. I am one of those… They are now grown, have families, live lives of their own, so that’s their priority now, I guess!
My Mother passed on in 1996, and I miss her every day. She was a great Lady, who had an Irish disposition, and could tell a tale like any good fair Irish gal. Her husband of 60 years, spotted her across the room in the kitchen of his brother-laws’ home up in Northern Vermont, when they were very young. He mentioned her to his brother- in- law and brother, saying “I’m going to marry her!” Well, they all laughed him right out of the room!  But surprise, surprise, a few years later he  did just that!  He said to us, “it was her Irish disposition that got me, Hook, Line, and sinker!!”
It turned out just great, ’cause they had four children, and we were able to honor her, on many Mothers Day celebrations for the next 60 years. So “God bless the mothers out beyond my Woods, and have many, many Happy Days to come!”
Enjoy your Mom’s Day. XX OO XX
Sammyjay-bird (just like my Dad called me)


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