My thoughts and my First Blog

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!
Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry! (Photo credit: cobalt123)

As I sit here in my comfy chair I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy this new window to the world . It’s just outside,  beyond the trees.  My dearest niece DJ has been sending me links to her Blog, and I followed them with great interest. I finally went to her Blog site and opened up my own! Hooray for me and my dear DJ! I’m not quite sure what will come of it…perhaps something good will flow! I hope!
I received some news yesterday and I want to share it with you… Late last spring, I was diagnosed with Advanced Macular Degeneration of my eyes, and I didn’t take the news very well. But as time goes by I’ve come to accept the situation and am trying to make the best of what will eventually come….blindness. They say that God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle, so I’m trying my best to handle it with humor as well as some grace. As strange as it seems, there are times when I can laugh at the whole thing! My mother Virginia Elizabeth, developed A.M.D. when she was about my age of 70 and she handled it just as I’m trying to do. I am finding that I have to wear glasses again, and have been relying on a older pair I found in my desk. Well….they don’t seem to be doing their job any longer so I called the Doctor that gave me my first exam to try to
make an appointment….OMG I’d have to wait ’till this upcoming September 2012! I thought “by then I won’t be able to see my nose”!! Resigned to my fate, I accepted the appointment of 9-23-12
and asked to be put on the cancellation list in hopes that I’d get
lucky… I came to accept the Sept 23rd date so when the phone rang on Friday afternoon, I wasn’t ready for the voice on the other end. She asked me if I would like to see the Doctor this coming Monday morning at 10:10 am! Boy, I almost fainted !! I said yes, yes, yes!! I kept saying I love you, I love you, to her as though she did it all herself.
Funny how news like that can make you act sort of silly! Well,
I’ve spent the past few days thanking God for the wonderful gift, and I’m so very, very grateful how things turned out. It shows us that things can change in a heartbeat, and there can be an answer to your prayers. Love, Me


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