March is Here!

My good lord, and another year has come and gone but this particular passage was a painful one I’m still struggling to get caught up on things as the past year was spent in sort of vacume. I became quite ill after having Roto cuff surgery on my right shoulder in early July 2015… After the surgery which was done at Bay State, I left to have some “rehab”at a local nursing home that turned out to be nothing but nightmare on Elm Street fifty . I’m not entirely sure why they began to add to my medicine list, but they did and without my permission!  By the time all was said and done,  they had increased them to the grand total of 17 ! Three of them were so called vitamins, and the rest were for ?????everything from who knows what  including ADHD as well as multiple tranquilizers.  I’m of the opinion that this practice is normal and  the staff  gives them to all the residents to keep them quiet so they won’t make a fuss about things. After a month or so, I had a TIA, a mild stroke, then later the good old kidneys gave me a fright.  Talk about nightmare on Elm Street!  It certainly was…….The months began to add up,  July, August, September,October passed by slowly,  but when November showed its head, I’d pretty well had enough of it……..Medicine was given to me and little (pt) physical therapy was not!  I began doing my own PT without letting any one know,  and I started getting stronger with each passing day……Learning to walk again is not for the faint of heart. It was painful in the beginning but with each day the pain begin to diminish. .( thank goodness) now remember I’d  been doing these excersises on my own.  When the holiday’s began to arrive, I’d pretty well had my fill of “Pills” that screwed up my thinking processes, my ability to do the most meaningful things for my self and not being there for my Husband……Soooo I said thats it! Enough! I’m going to go home!  I brought the subject up with some of the staff, but was it was met with all sorts of reasons why I should not go home!!! -Now remember, I’d gone to that facility for Re-hab. and received little of  that!  I’m very proud of what I’d accomplished so for, so I told them that ” I’m going to go home for  Christmas, and that’s that!”  To my surprise,  a nurse at that facility, realized the struggle  I’d been having, so she helped me with my delema and furnished me with the info on my meds, and showed me the process of how to get out of the place!!   December 8 was my personal day of infamy. Dec.7th was the original one.  So, here we are folks, not quite 3 months later……walking on my own, doing most of those things that people do without thinking much about it, and most of all,  I’m Home where I fought hard to get to!  Thank you God..









Time Gone

Today is the first day of my new life, and I haven’t written a word in a little over two years!  This not only surprised me, but it shocked the hell out of me. Why? I guess it’s because the time slipped on by me, and I was completely unaware of it doing so!  Preoccupied? You bet!  I think the idea of feeling hopeless, depressed, and somewhat sad had a lot to do with it.  My family, friends are few and I’m starting to feel ignored by them. There’s been a very large chasm between my children and myself for more years than I’d like to count. The beginning?, well it started with the  father of my children, having 9 cardiac arrests and then comatose for 8 yrs, and then dying, leaving us all alone!  No, I don’t think he deliberately did this, but he had a lot of forewarning…..and he chose Not to do anything about it.  So here we are, 40 years later wondering what the heck happened to our family??  The children were sad, then as they grew older, the got angry and mad!  I was and still am the focal point of this whole debacle and it looks like I’ll be this until I die. They’re both very responsible, educated and hard working individuals,  but they can’t find it in their hearts to stop the way they’ve been treating me.  Their Dad would have celebrated his 75 birthday on June 18th, and as strange as it seems, I actually remembered it and said Happy Birthday to him!   I really wish that my children would start treating me with some respect and love.  Wish they would remember that they’re Dad is gone, and I am their only living parent.  It has taken a whole lot out of me, and I just want to end the nightmare  but as an old saying goes “IF WISHES WERE HORSES, BEGGARS WOULD RIDE”

Autumn Has Passed…

August full moon
August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

It’s Mid November!  How the heck did that happen?  Last I knew it was just the beginning of August!  Time seems to be flying by, and it seems to be happening more often the older I get.  I could hardly wait for the cooler temperatures of late October and November. This past summer seems to be exactly like a few years ago. “H.H.H”  Hazy, hot and humid!  What and why, is beyond me.  We’d been  very dry, and the gardens and lawns reflected it.  Keep your fingers crossed  so we will received the water we so desperately need, even now .     I’ve been watching and looking around the lawn and near the woods for the little, subtle changes that are starting ….a sure sign of things  to come. It’s quite interesting how the lowest plants ( we call them weeds) began to turn first. Lovely mustard yellows began showing, then some russet and reds on the shrubs in and around the edges of our land.  Oh, I so enjoy the subtle changes that happened.  The inevetable changes toward Fall then Winter.. Before we can blink, it will be the Holidays… Wonderful smells, foods family gatherings ,I can hardly wait!         As always,  “The Keeper”

Autumn on the Lane

English: Llyn Caer Euni Home of Canadian Geese...

Goose V formation
Goose V formation (Photo credit: Michel★Bakkenes)

I heard the muffled honking  of our Canadian geese from over the small hill way out back. But then it seemed as though the noise and the volume seemed to increase as they got closer to the house.  I looked out my kitchen door just in time to gaze upon the flock as they flew over our house in the classic V formation.  I’m not sure they’ll hang out at the pond that’s located just a quarter mile or so from our place. Last year they stayed most all winter, because our Winter was mild. We’ll have to wait and see.    I’m noticing that the weather is changing, temperatures in the mornings are quite cool and we’ve had our very first freeze!   It was 26* outside the other morning , so we decided to have oatmeal for breakfast……it’s been since last spring since we’ve eaten Hot cereal.  I’m noticing how we’re dressing up warmer in good old sweatshirts and jeans now that our mornings are cold.  I have a suspicion that our Autumn will hurry on by us , and winter will rear it’s head earlier this season trying to make up for last year. It’s quite bright and sunny this morning, sort of cheers ya up while you do the morning chores.  White Fox is still busy with the last of the jobs he does when he loses up for the winter…. He’s gathered up the corn stalks and made our traditional bunch to put around the light post along with the pumpkins. Our garden lays barren, looking forward to the deep winter sleep to come… Seems as though he’s always busy out side doing this or that, and he ‘s always said ” I can always find something out there that’s got to be finished.”  Now’s the time for stocking up on your root vegetables  for the winter.  Stocking up with your potatoes, onions, carrots  making sure there will be plenty for all of the lovely warm stews, roasts of chicken and beef. Oh, let’s not forget all of those grand apples, pears and cranberries that we can bake into glorious pies and cakes.  Gosh, I’m making myself hungry!  Well, I’m going to try making some of the traditional pies and pastry White Fox’s mother made when he was young…. Wish me luck, as I might need some.    WELCOME AUTUMN!

Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: #300091984)

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve put my thoughts out there beyond my Woods.  When this heat arrived I decided to slow up a bit. I try to stay cool by not exerting myself so much, by planning my day with small size chores,  cooking, cleaning  and keeping things simple. I have found that as I age, I can’t fight the heat as I use to when I was younger. So I settle in for a day spent with little jobs and even reading. I still try to read daily, even though I have AMD.  My kindle is a blessing, as I try using it each day…I’ve got a slew of books that I’ve down loaded  so I’m not without reading material……and it does pass the time in the afternoon.  From what I’ve been hearing from our local weather persons, this horrible heat is going to persist thru the weekend and into the coming  week!  I am so very thankful for the invention of the air conditioner….who ever the brilliant inventor is will be remembered  forever by all people everywhere!  GOD BLESS YOU!   The White Fox and I use our’s each and every day and will for the forseeable future.  I look out my windows as much as I can, and no I am not peeking out at my neighbors!  I just love to look at the subtle differences in the flowers and even the vegetables out back near the woods. I have spotted a bit of a change in the under growth out there.  Across the road and into the deeper woods, you can pick up the slightest of colors and my dears, this is the start of the change over into another season called AUTUMN!   It’s these little things that give me a sense of joy as well as a feeling of connection with all things good and sweet. I think you can say it comforts my soul. My Mom use to tell us to stop, look, and be very thankful  for all the things that fill our sight and fill our noses…. I believe she was a very wise person.  She lived a life that had it’s ups and downs, but she always said ” take time to look for everything God has given us,”  it’s a Free Gift to Us….It’s Sunday once more, and the heat is still with us, and most of the United States… I pray this  will leave us soon. People every where are suffering as well as all of our feathered friends, and furry critters.  All of us need a big break and some blessed rain!   Let’s do as our native American friends do…. Have a little dance for rain… I’ll bet it works!     ME!

Autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Renaming of my Blog

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

PhotonQ-Road Runner from the Past
PhotonQ-Road Runner from the Past (Photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE)

I’m sure of one thing, and that is a brand new name for my Blog is needed.  Somehow it seemed the right thing to do, as the one I had just didn’t seem to convey exactly what I’d been feeling since the very first day. The name of the blog actually  had me wandering about with the stories that I’d come up with. Does that make any sense to you? It’s as though a picture develops in your mind, and you begin to run with it, and sometimes, it leads to someplace you really didn’t want to go to.  So as far as I am concerned, making this decision isn’t really that difficult  at all. From now on I’m going to try to say what’s in my heart, mind, and tell all about the life going on around us here on our private acreage…with nature all around me, there will always be some  goings on (most of the time). Lately most of my furry friends are keeping  a low profile because of the heat!  They’re using their heads by not exerting themselves very much.   But I suppose they do have to go out and forage for their meals, but perhaps they’ll do it in the evening when it’s a bit cooler. Late last evening around 10:30 or so, I heard the”Wiley Coyotes” in the back area of the house.  I know there was more than 3 to 4 of them, ’cause there was quite a bit of chattering going on between them!  Perhaps his buddy “The Roadrunner” was out back taunting them?  It’s very interesting listening to them as I lay back in my bed…. I’ve been hearing them on and off for most of the season, and I do not foresee them leaving anytime soon!  My stories may be of  things around here, as I do have a small list of ideas, so we’ ll see what develops…. Blessings people.

End of June Heat!

White Fox Smiling
White Fox Smiling (Photo credit: mtsn)
English: This is a picture that I took of a si...
English: This is a picture that I took of a sign outside of a pizza shop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is going to be a real scorcher!  This is one of the few times the weather people are actually agreeing with each other….what the what?  Yes, I said agreed!  There are very, very few times during one’s lifetime that our Weather People actually agree on anything! I can hardly believe it myself… I had planned to go out to have my hair done at “Ye Olde Beauty Shoppe”, and I prayed that I wouldn’t melt when I went outside to get into my car!  Thank goodness there’s things like air conditioning in cars! Without that I certainly would have sweltered when I got inside.  The trip home wasn’t too bad, but I certainly was glad to get into my house where things weren’t awfully hot.  White Fox had just finished up raking the piles of weeds he’d pulled  yesterday from the asparagus beds, so we decided to have a light lunch.  The day seems endless.   But wait! The end of this day isn’t that far off,  and once the sun is down. it’ll be one heck of a lot better off.  Hey, I just had a brain storm!  Why not order out?  PIZZA!  Good Lord when’s the last pizza we had?  Much too long, as I’m the lady who prepares supper around here. Good plan!  Pizza!!! I’m not sure “White Fox” is going to like it, but ya have to try something to see if ya do like it,  right.?   I’ ll write again and let you know what happends.    See you soon!

“4th of July 2012”

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake (Photo credit: S-t-e-v-e-n)
English: fresh potato salad
English: fresh potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A chocolate cake during the 4th of July
English: A chocolate cake during the 4th of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy July 4th!  Again Summer seems to be a fleeting thing,  just as it has been each and every year that I can recall.  Summers long ago when I had no gray hair,  seemed to last nearly forever!  Didn’t it seem that way to you?  Let’s be honest now,  they were longer than they are now!   Right???  Well it seems that way to me and you’re not going to argue with those of us over 65, now are you!  The 4th is turning out to be a very typical one…mowing the rather large lawn, taking out the meats for grilling, perhaps thawing out a Carrot cake for our dessert, then preparing all sorts of salads . I’m not sure which one I like best?  The good olde potato salad, the macaroni, or the good ole garden salad with Hidden Valley dressing or Blue Cheese or Thousand Island dressing…..which one will  we have?  Big decisions are to be made before too long!  Sometimes I wish the kids were home again. It would be so wonderful to see them once more, as it’s been several years since I’ve seen all of them together. But there’s that olde saying, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” and I’m not sure they’d drive all that way to comeup for the 4th of July?   I’ll wait and see if they’ll call ? I’ve thought about it and have come to a conclusion,  I’m calling them!! I’ll look up their numbers and leave a message!  Can’t hurt now, can it .       Getting back to the 4th, I’ve decided on good old “puppies in toasted buns”, good old pickles,  chopped onions ,mustard  and some dessert!  Sounds good to me!  So have a Happy 4th !!

Gardens- The Gift of Fathers to Sons

IMGP0854 - vege garden
IMGP0854 – vege garden (Photo credit: RaeAllen)
Rusty tools
Rusty tools (Photo credit: szb7

English: garden Hoe - hand tool
English: garden Hoe – hand tool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weeding on a grand scale I’ll never complain  aboutweeding again. Wikipedia)

I’ve just noticed the time….the cookoo clock is heading toward lunch time, and I’ve just finished up with the odds and ends around the house.  WhiteFox is still out in his garden, weeding the asparagus beds, and has been since before 10 o’clock this morning.  It’s quite a long, tedious job as well as tiring to your back and legs. WhiteFox seems to thrive on doing this, and won’t give up until it’s finished, what ever time that will be. He’s very much his father’s Son when it comes to Gardening. He’s been instilled with great habits for gardening and  working outdoors. His Dad had gardens each year because of the size of the family!  A family of 8 ate at the supper table each evening, so it was very important to grow just about everything.  Sometimes when I look out at him in the garden, I can actually see his Father bending down weeding and hoeing!  These habits of clearing the land, plowing as well as hoeing have been passed down from Father to Son, as well as the winter planning! In the middle of winter, you’ll  find him seated at the Kitchen table, paper and pencil in hand sketching out the garden, and planning what goes where. This not only helps him plan out what he’ll need in the spring, but it helps pass the time during those long winter days that seem so endless!  Spring has finally arrived and it came in like a bull.  Rain, rain, and more rain….somehow it just didn’t want to do anything else.  As all things happen for a reason, the rains did too.  June has turned its beautiful head and looked us in the eyes, and told us all,” put in your plants and  gently water them for you will have bounty!”. The White Fox did just that and so far things are looking just as he had planned this past Winter in our kitchen. So we all should plant and water and fertilize as well as hoe around our lovely little babies that are now growing in our gardens….Please, do take care of them all!       Your, Sammyjay